Scrapbooking Spaces

Your scrapbooking space is very important. I mean, you can have a small closet or a small desk, but what you do with that space is what’s important. Today, there are so many ways to organize your supplies and tools regardless of how big your scrapbook room is or if you just have a rolling cart to store your items so you can move it to any space in your home.

If you have a room that you can dedicate to scrapbooking then I’m sure you’ll agree that it should be a space that inspires you and is also functional. All your supplies and tools should be within arms reach. It’s great to have everything close to you so that you won’t miss a beat when you’re in the middle of a project and need something to complete it.

I’ve found some pictures of scrapbook rooms that I think are great and inspire me to decorate and make changes to my craft room / office. I just have to choose a little bit of each picture that I want to implement in my room.

Scrapbooking Rooms

I really like this next one and the way it is set up. I can see how I can implement my office with my scrapbook space. I work from home so my office has to also be functional for work. The craft room below has enough space for me to invite a friend or two to crop or have my nieces over to work on crafts as well.

My main challenge for changing my home office into a office/craft room is where to situate everything. But I think I’ve decided more or less where they will go. So I’m excited to start making it all come together soon.

If you don’t have a room to utilize. Here are some ideas to transform a closet into you scrapbookbook space.

Scrapbooking Closets

Some people don’t even have the spare closet that they can transform into their craft space, this doesn’t mean that they still can’t be creative. There are many solutions for this. Here are a few craft carts to give you some ideas.

Scrapbooking Carts

Another option is to visit a yard sale in your area. You can find some really inexpensive carts and you can transform them into great craft carts for very cheap. Check out the one I found with just a little digging, click HERE to see.

When it comes to your craft area be sure that you’re organized. When you’re trying to be creative and there’s a desktop piled high with stacks of paper and a bunch of your supplies you may not be able to be as creative as you can be with a neat and organized space, not to mention, you’ll know where everything is if you have a place for everything. Well, that’s all for today, enjoy your scrapping!







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